Haystax sets data journalism free, for free

Data is awesome. But there’s just too much of it online, and the media is struggling to stay on top of it all. Plus, data is often published in a vast variety of formats that make mining information cumbersome and confusing.

Journalists need free, user-friendly tools that match their budgets and schedules. But the products currently on the market can be expensive, unreliable, or ask users to filter their data through specific formats. When you’ve got readers to serve and a deadline to meet, that’s a barrier that can make scraping data for your stories unworkable.

We can help. Haystax is a point-and-click tool developed by journalists, coders and tech entrepreneurs to fill the gap between powerful data reporting and the absence of easy, free tools to do it.

With Haystax, users navigate through complex databases automatically, instead copying and pasting page after page of numbers (yawn). And it’s open source, so anyone can add functionality and complexity. Data is awesome, and now using it is just a couple clicks away.